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The 9mile orchards are located in the finest growing areas in Southern Victoria, from the stunning Yarra Valley to the foothills of Gippsland. A combination of climate and rich soils bring out the best to produce our premium apples!

9mile has over 600 acres of high density apple orchards, these farms and their strategic locations are the key to raising fruit with superior crunch, sweetness and cosmetic appeal. While focusing on Pink Lady, Gala and Granny Smith, new varieties such as Kanzi are emerging.

These new trellised orchard have 2500-3300 trees per hectare all grown on dwarf rootstock. All orchards are covered entirely by netting to protect fruit quality and modify the climate. 9mile’s orchards have advanced irrigation systems with the focus on efficient water use.

Horticultural activities are performed using the most modern technology available; Pruning platforms, Thinning platforms and Picking platforms have replaced ladders. New techniques such as two-dimensional trellis system,branch tying down and summer branch snapping are all part of the 9mile drive to produce fruit of the highest quality with a great eating experience!

Our Produce

In todays world of mass production, so many products are out there on shelves that most go unnoticed.

At 9mile we like to promote and show off products that we think deserve a litt

Our Growers

If you know a farmer, you know farming comes first. It takes a special person to devote their life to the land, and we’re proud to know some of the best!!!

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