The freshest apples by 9mile

Welcome to “9mile Fresh”, a place where we strive to get you that great experience of eating a fresh crisp apple!

Innovation, fresh ideas and the willingness to go that extra mile is what excites us here at 9mile!

We roamed the world for the latest technology and the best in quality control when developing a new system to get apples from the orchard to the customer as fresh as possible.

Our own orchards and those of our select growers are carefully chosen so as to take advantage of the best growing regions in Australia for each different variety of apple. These farms strategic locations are the key to raising fruit with superior crunch, sweetness and cosmetic appeal.

After harvest apples are packed in the most advanced hi-tech facility in the Southern Hemisphere. Here apples are treated like superstars as they glide through bruise-free water channels and across “state of the art” packing lines . At 9mile we can even tell if an apple is no good on the inside meaning you the customer can eat easy and knowingly.

We know that working together helps us all succeed. That is why at 9mile our relationships with customers and select growers are so highly valued and maintained. Our growers can rest easy in the knowledge that their fruit will be stored, packed, transported and “directly marketed” with all the care and efficiencies to maximize their returns!

Similarly, customers can be confident that orders will be packed fresh and at a moments notice using the 9mile system. Customers know they are getting a consistent product that is all stored & packed onsite, our fleet of trucks make sure that no customer is let down waiting for stock!

9mile is the biggest facility of it's kind in the Southern Hemisphere!

Our Team

Here at 9mile we pride ourselves on team work and efficiency, from Tony “the agronomist” to Laurence and Karl “the transporters” to Bruce, Nung and Alex “the dispatchers” over to Peter “Mr production” through to Anthony, John, Dave, Rom and the great Tino “the forkies” not forgetting Kevin, Jamie, Ryan and Julie “the operators”, Steve “he tells us coolrooms”, Marco “the Fixer”, Lee and Katrina “the admin girls” and finally Rod and Keith “the market boys”

James Ryan
James Ryan
James can certainly appreciate the differences between the new 9mile machinery and the older Bonview grader. Instead of long hours packing to orders, James reckons he can now play golf mid-week due to all the efficiencies the new equipment provides! Good luck with that James, we think those dreams will still have to wait for retirement.

James, Sally and Toby live out on the Officer orchard where Toby can be seen running up and over the hail netting much to the annoyance of those who can't catch him.
Robert Thompson
Robert Thompson
Rob has been born and bred on apple orchards, along with his brother Laurie they have pushed Battunga Orchards to the forefront of growing in Australia using the most advanced systems and techniques.Even if Rob doesn't know something about apples chances are he will tell you he does, to say he loves having a chat is an understatement.

When he is not at work Rob runs a very busy social Calender, which includes being president of Woori Yallock football club. Rob's wife Lisa and his children Joel, Kane and Georgia can find him there most nights of the week.
Greg Howlett
Greg Howlett
Operations manager
Greg is our operations manager extraordinaire, at 6'5" most things that Greg say's we don't argue with! Although he is new to the apple game, Greg knows all the fun and games associated with production, he has already learnt not to take things James yells about to personally.

Married with 3 active teenagers, Greg has absolutely no time for himself but thoroughly enjoys their pursuits which includes baseball, basketball, athletics, skiing and gymnastics.

Why 9Mile ?

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