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Early Spring Fertiliser Applications
In September, trees are starting to awaken from their winter slumber. Make sure the trees are provided with everything they need to produce a strong flowering and good fruit set. The best strategy to accomplish this, involves putting the appropriate fertilisers on at the right time.
In early September, ground spread a complete compound fertiliser with a nutrient ratio of (14-5-15) or (10-11-10). This will provide the major nutrients (N-P-K) in an appropriate ratio and secondary (Mg-S-Ca) and micro-nutrients (Zn-B-Mn). This fertiliser will take 2-3 weeks to break down and enter the soil solution depending on rain and irrigation. This is a time when the tree is leafing out and forming flowers at a rapid rate.
Finally, consideration to the micro-nutrients Zinc and Boron which both are required in adequate amounts before and during flowering. These two micro-nutrients can be applied either foliar, prior to flowering, fertigated or mixed in with herbicide.
For any questions and more specific information on fertiliser rates and type to use. Contact me: Tony Kundert, 0417 424 231 or

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